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Fun and Detailed: Where’s Wally? The Colouring Book


Ever loved Where’s Wally/Waldo?  Well now there’s the chance to not only find him but to colour him in too!  I was kindly sent this book by the publisher to review but I had already planned to buy it myself :).  Here is my review of ‘Where’s Wally?  The Colouring book’.  For those in America the same book with Waldo in the title is due to be released later this year.

This colouring book is just fantastic. I’ve been a fan of Where’s Wally since I was a child and now, not only can you search for Wally and his friends on every page, but you have the chance to colour them in too!

The book is about A4 in size (a touch wider but shorter than A4) and a good thickness. Each page inside is made of crisp white paper which isn’t thin however all the pictures are printed on both sides of the paper so keep this in mind if you use felt pens to colour in. I use pencils so I don’t know how other pens would fair.


The whole book is set out like a typical Where’s Wally book. Most of the scenes are double page spreads with a lot of things happening inside each scene. There is are a variety of different scenes, cowboy, art gallery and a toy factory to name a few. Colouring this book will take a lot of time due to just how much detail there is. I have always loved detailed pictures and this book really doesn’t disappoint. Not only do you search the book for Wally and his friends while you colour, but there are other things to search for too, such as a colouring pencil in ever scene.
Each scene is made up of lots of different things happening and there are so many funny jokes to be found such as plates of spaghetti in the cowboy scene – Spaghetti Western! I won’t reveal anymore as it’s fun to find them yourself.


Most of the scenes are double page spreads but this book is easy to lay out flat and push open all the way. I was able to colour very close to the spine and you don’t have to worry about losing a small section of picture next to the spine as there is a bit of overlap (meaning a small section on the left page near the spine appears on the right page). This makes colouring every scene fun as you won’t lose any of the funny moments.


Although the majority of the book is all colouring, a few pages invite you to be creative and to doodle some things yourself such as completing the faces in the frames. The back of the book contains a key for things to find in each scene plus spaces to write anything you’ve found funny along the way.


I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who is a Where’s Wally fan, or even those who have never picked up the books before. If you like colouring in detailed pictures and funny pictures or if you love colouring books with a search element added too, this book is definitely worth buying. Even at full retail price this book has so much detail it will take a very long time to colour in!


For more pictures of this book plus link to amazon uk please click here (page will open in new tab)


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