Why I’ve Been Away

Hi everyone!  As some of you have noticed I’ve been away for a bit from wordpress.  Shortly after my last blog post I went through some personal issues which took me away from blogging, reviewing and even reading books for reviews.  I wasn’t able to properly dedicate time to my blog and wordpress in general, although I did occasionally try to check in with both this place and my emails.

Anyway, after two weeks life is back to normal although I was left in a bit of an emotional place which I’m sure anybody who’s ever faced any struggles in their life will understand.  I’m not ashamed of admitting that I suffer from depression and anxiety so my own emotions were particularly raw.  I did intend to start blogging and checking in with everyone and return to my reviewing a few days ago.  However in those last few days I suffered a lot of negative attention as a reviewer on amazon.

I take my position as a reviewer on amazon seriously and have always given honest reviews with my own personal experience of a product.  But in the last few days I received many negative votes on my reviews, far more than would come from actual shoppers and with those negative votes I received comment after comment questioning my integrity as a reviewer because I had received items to review at a discount or for free.  Many of my 5 star reviews were questioned by various people as being somehow ‘bought’.  I have never awarded a 5 star for anything without carefully considering and testing an item out so to be questioned on the morality of my reviews is very upsetting to me.

While I am usually thick skinned about such comments and am able to deal with people voting negatively on my reviews (I’m sure some people genuinely vote unhelpful), after going through the last two weeks it was just too much for me so I took some more time away from wordpress and my emails.

The one thing I’m amazed at is the support and care I have had from many here on wordpress.  While I’ve been away some people have asked after me and this has really helped me feel better.  With my own depression I sometimes feel isolated and alone but to have such wonderful friends here on wordpress just keeps me from feeling so down.

I also received some exciting news about a competition I won.  Katzenworld is a wonderful blog I follow.  It’s everything to do with cats so if you like cats at all check it out!  I entered a competition being run for National Pet Show tickets and amazingly I’ve won!  5 pairs of tickets are on offer with the first round of 3 pairs being won by me and two other lucky people.  It’s wonderful and exciting too as I’ve never been to a pet show before so when I go there in May I’ll do my best to take pictures and blog all about it!  There are still a couple of pairs of tickets available so if you are a fan of cats please follow Katzenworld.  To enter the competition for an additional 2 tickets visit this blog post:

So, although I’m still feeling a touch emotional, hopefully things will get better and I’ll be feeling better over the course of the next few days.  I have a wonderful review of a colouring book which I should post up for you guys tomorrow. 🙂

I will attempt to visit as many blogs as I can too over the next few days but please forgive me if I do miss some of your posts.


21 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Away

  1. Congratulations and I’m so glad you’re back. You took a stand and your opinions are yours and yours alone, we can’t pleased the whole world. As long as you know you’re being true to yourself, it is enough.

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  2. Hey dear,
    Glad to hear back from you. Don’t feel so depressed or upset dear, people have thoughts and they can think what they want. You’ve been true, then just don’t worry about those who won’t even consider your words. Relax.
    Congratulations on winning those tickets. Well, I haven’t ever been to a pet show, so, I am waiting to see it through your blog! Enjoy it!
    Keep your principles and values always intact and nothing can change that!
    Lots of love and best wishes dear!

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  3. Congratulations for winning the tickets – I hope you enjoy the pet show. I am also sorry you have had such a bad time with your Amazon reviews. Some people are just nasty and will make unfounded accusations just to cause trouble. I think you are very brave to keep going even though you know that all your reviews are unbiassed and unprejudiced. It might not be a bad idea to change your details as a reviewer just to put those unpleasant people off your track. Good luck! Make sure you are eating well and having enough rest. Take care of yourself – Clare x

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  4. I am glad to see you back in the saddle!
    It sucks that the reviewing is in the state it is in at the moment. I am, I guess, an old fart who still thinks internet is primarily a place where we are to respect each other, keep civil and constructive. I don’t, at the same time, understand why is it so hard to grasp that some people simply like reviewing? Reading and talking about the books they’ve read. I am sorry to hear you are getting grief for your reviews, I for one like them and I hope you will in future discard those negative comments that are not constructive and are just bland accusing, aside without impact on your health and wellbeing ( I know it is hard, I experience it often too!)
    Take care!

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  5. Hey there Happy Meerkat,

    I hope today hits you feeling better. Congratulations on winning those tickets. Good stuff. I confess that while I din’t notice not receiving your messages I am glad to have this one and I do think of you. I also bought one of them that you reviewed recently. (Another confession, I don’t remember which one because I do purchase quite a few and they simmer on my iPad). But, more importantly, I know how important your reviews are to you. I got that sense when you told us about the publisher that was accepting manuscripts. I also know how tricky it is to be as candid and friendly as possible. You’ve worked hard to be as reliable and creditable as you are. Keep up the good work, you have my vote as a reviewer. I wish you all the best, sometimes being alone reading can isolate people and -I do it myself – I forget about meeting other people. Please keep your principles and keep doing the good work. Sincerely, Caroline

    Sent from my iPad


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