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Fantastic Colouring Book – Fantastic Cities

So, before the review I have to tell you something… I’ve been busy trying to move some of my most recent amazon reviews onto my website and I was going to give a general update of recent reviews you might want to check out, but I lost the plot on which reviews are new and that coupled with fighting some depressive thoughts means  I probably won’t do the update this month…Hope nobody minds…

Anyway to cheer me up I got a wonderful comment on one of my reviews on amazon.  It’s for the book Fantastic Cities, they were so kind and apparantely bought the book based on my review!  So I thought I’d share that review with you for this great colouring book I love:

fantastic cities

Fantastic cities is a great colouring book that anyone both adults and kids will enjoy. It’s bigger than I thought, A4 in height and because it is square in shape, the same length across. The book is perhaps a touch thinner than Millie Marotta’s or Johanna Basford’s books or Animorphia but only a little. All the pages are a crisp white and are nice and thick, but are printed on both sides so I don’t know how felt pens would fair (I always use pencils).

Every page of fantastic cities is a wonderful overview of a city. As if taken from the point of view of a low flying bird. There are pictures of houses, sky scrapers, factories, even a port and strangely there is one picture of a lot of cars called traffic jam! (see the picture below). Every city picture takes up one side of the two open pages, so no worrying about colouring in the pictures in the crease of the book, and each picture also comes with the information of which city it is written close to the spine.
As well as actual cities, this book also has mandalas of cities. I never knew anyone could make a mandala of a city, but it does work. It looks as if the city picture was put into a kaleidoscope. 🙂 I am slightly disappointed by the mandalas though, just because there are some perfect round mandalas but others are only part of a mandala – see the picture below to know what I mean. To me this is the only downside to this book, I always prefer circular mandalas, but that really is the only downside I can see.

fantastic cities4

I really love this book as for me I love truly detailed pictures. I love looking at a picture and seeing something in one place and another thing elsewhere, but all within the same picture, a bit like where’s wally. I also like it as it’s different from millie marrotta or johanna basford or the many other adult colouring books that are on the market at the moment. While I like those books and they are very pretty and often full of greenery and flowers, there’s something about colouring a city…Different and just fun for me, perhaps because I grew up in the city?

fantastic cities3

Overall I’d really recommend this book to anyone who wants to colour in something different. All of the cities are real (apart from the mandals or course) and feature places in mexico, india, Germany to name a few and cities like kuala lupur, san Francisco, there’s even picadilly circus in London! It’s very fun and I really love this book, for the amount of colouring you get it really is worth the price and I really recommend it! It’s taking a long time to colour in just one picture 🙂

fantastic cities1

Here is a rough list of the places that appear in this book: San Francisco, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Istanbul, Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Johdpur and other city in India, Rio de Janeiro, Ilullisat- Greenland, Toronto and other cities in Canada, Himeji-Japan, Shibam-Yemen, Guanajuato- Mexico, Bremen and other German cities, Santorini – Greece, and just possibly others I have missed. Here are some pictures, including one I’ve coloured in.  Please be nice, it’s the first colouring in I ever posted online! 🙂

fantastic cities7

To see some more pictures and a link to the review on amazon uk please click here


18 thoughts on “Fantastic Colouring Book – Fantastic Cities

    1. Sorry to hear about your need for surgery. Yes these colouring books are great 🙂 I suffer from depression so it helps keep my mind focused. It’s great to be able to do something which was once only for kids.

      I didn’t know that was the Canadian spelling for colouring. I’m happy with that spelling, coming from the uk 🙂

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  1. Great review! I am so pleased you got such positive feedback from your review on Amazon.
    You mustn’t worry about what you don’t manage to do on your blog – don’t forget it’s *your* blog. Depression drains all your energy away and things that normally are easy become too difficult or unappealing. You have to look after yourself and do comforting things until you feel better. I have two daughters with mental health problems so I know a little about it 🙂 Take care ❤

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  2. I still have my Enchanted Forest coloring book, I dont think I could actually finish coloring it. I am so amazed by how detailed these coloring books are, bravo to the authors/designers/artists/publishers.

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  3. I still have my Enchanted Forest coloring book, I dont think I could actually finish coloring it. I am so amazed by how detailed all these adult coloring books are, bravo to the authors/designers/publishers of these kinds of books.

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