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Lovely Unique Colouring Book: ARTdala


If anyone’s visited my website, you’ll know I have a ridiculously long list of colouring books I have bought and used.  Well for the first time I have been sent one for a review and although at first I wasn’t that impressed, the more I’ve used it the more I’ve fallen in love with it.  so this is my review of ARTdala (pictures at end of review):

This lovely colouring book is around A4 in size and a good thickness with about 100 pages. Each double page spread has a quote on the left side with a mandala to colour on the right. The quotes are all inspirational quotes from various people in history including Confucius, Mark Twain and the Dalai Lama to name a few. Each of the pages is crisp white and thick enough to use pencils on but not as thick a paper as some are used to so felt pens or gel pens are likely to soak through to the other side. If you don’t mind the inspirational quote on the other side getting a bleed through of ink then I’d just advise sticking an extra piece of paper or card behind the mandala pattern you are colouring in to make sure the next design isn’t affected. Colouring pencils however work really well and I’ve suffered no bleed through using these.
Colouring in with any media though can be a bit tricky as the book doesn’t open out very well into a flat position and although none of the mandala designs are near the spine you will still find yourself having to hold the book down to keep it open and to colour in easily.

Each of the mandalas in the book are really lovely and I’m pleased to see there seem to be no shutterstock or generic images that you’d find elsewhere. All of the mandala designs have a nature theme, some with plants and water, like the sea, others with animals of all kinds. There are two main type of mandala design, one is like a kaleidoscope pattern where the same image repeats in several sections of the circle, or another where there is just a central image.

The designs are not as detailed as books like ‘Art Therapy’ but they have quite a bit of detail and colouring one in does take some time which is why I like this book so much. There are unique designs I haven’t seen before and some of the animals include elephants, cats, a peacock, and giraffe (without their markings).

The book says it is published by amazon (on the back page) and there is no other information. In fact the first page doesn’t even state who drew the mandalas or any other publishing information, instead you just have a pattern to colour straight away and the back page features a lonely quote without a picture next to it. I would like to know the artist who drew the mandalas as I really od love these pictures. Unfortunately the printed version of this book also has quite thin covers that seem to curl and the book was also cut a little roughly by the printer.

However despite all this I still give this a 4 star rating. This book, although lacking in a professional front page, still has some lovely designs to colour and the more I have used this book the more I love it. Plus the current Uk cost of just under £6 makes it worth buying. A lovely mandala book, with unique designs, I can recommend 🙂.


For more pictures of the book and links to amazon UK and US please click here


3 thoughts on “Lovely Unique Colouring Book: ARTdala

    1. Thank you! I like to be thorough :). Lots of people on amazon would ask questions about whether pages were double sided, are they a good thickness, etc. so I’ve started including all that information in my colouring book reviews :).

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