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The Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016!

Hi Everyone!  So I realise I haven’t made a review post since before the New Year, and I will be posting one up, hopefully tomorrow.  But before that I’d like to tell everyone that I’ve decided to try the Goodreads Reading Challenge this year and challenged myself to read 20 books!

Okay, so 20 doesn’t sound like much at all and I do hope to far exceed it, but the truth is that I’m new to Goodreads and I’ve never challenged myself to read a set number of books before.  Plus, as some of you may know from reading my ‘about me’ section, that I suffer from depression and the truth is that I can be very harsh with myself for not doing something, or failing at something so I thought, better to be proud of myself and achieve something than feel depressed that I didn’t.

I know a lot of you love reading and so along with telling you my challenge I’d love to ask if any of you are taking up the Goodreads challenge yourself and if so how many books do you plan to read this year?

I anyone wants to find me or be friends with me on goodreads here is my profile link: CLICK HERE!

And I promise a new book review will be here early in the week 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016!

  1. Well done! I always think it a very good idea to aim for achievable goals when doing something for the first time. I am also very self-critical and don’t have as much confidence as people think I have!
    My elder daughter has bi-polar disorder and my younger daughter suffers from chronic anxiety and panic attacks so I know a little about what depression can be like.
    I always used to be able to read between 35 and 40 books a year but the past 5 or 6 years have been very difficult and last year I only managed to read 22 books. (It would have been a much lower number but I decided to read a few easy-reading books over the Christmas holiday).
    Good luck! I will be interested to hear how you get on.

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