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Review: Sought After Blood Lines (Book 1) – The Escapist by Eva Xanthopoulos

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I was kindly sent an advanced reading copy of this amazing book and I was so gripped by this fantasy story that I read it twice!This is my review of this book, the first in a trilogy:

Sought After Blood Lines is the new amazing fantasy series of books by Eva Xanthopoulos. Set in the fantasy realm of Etherique where two suns, dragons and lots of magick exists, we follow the story of seventeen year old Vyvianna, a girl who has a terrible curse she must keep hidden at all costs.

The Escapist is the first book in the series and is easy and enjoyable to read from page one. The writing is easy to read and there aren’t lots of long descriptive paragraphs which make for a faster paced, and more exciting novel. The book’s length is quite short compared to other fantasy books I’ve read but this doesn’t mean it isn’t action packed. From the first pages you are drawn in to Vyvianna’s story and her quest to get rid of her curse. Not only is it exciting to find out what her curse is but once you know it makes the whole adventure in the story more intriguing and I have to admit I was hooked to keep reading by just the first few pages.

Before the story text of the book, there is a picture of the Etherique Realm. This map is a great addition and while reading along it was good to check the map to get more familiar with the various lands in the realm and where the character’s adventure takes them.

I really enjoyed reading this book, so much so that I read it twice! The ending is an amazing one, however this book doesn’t end in the way you may be familiar with. The book doesn’t have a satisfying end battle or some other ending that leaves you feeling like you’ve read an exciting adventure and look forward to the next one in book two. No, this book completely ends on a cliff hanger moment and reminds me more of television series which leave you waiting until the next season to find out what happened to the characters. Despite this different, cliff hanger ending though, I wasn’t disappointed or annoyed at the end of reading it, in fact the ending was so exciting I think I stopped breathing on the last few sentences and had to take a minute after to recover :). This cliff hanger style ending usually annoys me in books but perhaps it’s because it was a short read or because I also know that book two will be out in less than a year, it just didn’t annoy me with this book. I am hooked on the series and just cannot wait for book two – The Peacekeeper.

This book doesn’t contain any profanity or anything too gruesome and this just makes it an enjoyable read for both adults and teens, though I wouldn’t recommend it for younger kids. It really is a great book and I would recommend it for anyone who loves fantasy or indeed those who may be new to the genre might enjoy it too. Being a shorter read it is a great book to start with but beware, because once you read this book, you’ll be hooked and desperately awaiting the next in the series!

Rating: 5/5

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Book Description:

WHILE THE TOWNSPEOPLE of Eternicca find Vyvianna’s heart of gold to be both endearing and noble, she deems it to be her ultimate curse and is determined to rid herself of it no matter what the cost. Hailing from a lineage touched by a rare form of magick in a barricaded kingdom where all-things magickal are met with torment and wrath, she must keep her secret tucked away forevermore. Will she be able to mask her inner glisten or will it inevitably shine through and expose her to the cunning, ever-ruthless King Zollamedes? And no matter how many challenges transpire, will Vyvianna’s heart keep its golden reputation or will her ribcage soon become the home of an obsidian core, succumbing to a ruthlessness only tyrants should wield?


10 thoughts on “Review: Sought After Blood Lines (Book 1) – The Escapist by Eva Xanthopoulos

      1. 🙂 I probably thanked you like a dozen times by now. Sorry about that, lol.

        I’d really like to finish the next book before summertime if I can! I fear that if potential readers don’t see that there’s a book 2 yet, they might not read it.

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      2. Don’t worry. The fact that you’ve put a date of the next release on amazon will really help. Unfortunately the wolf and sorceress is supposed to have 5 or 6 (can’t remember which) books in the series but the first one was published in 2014 and still no word of when the new one will be out. Getting a date out is sure to help…as long as you can stick to it 🙂 Good luck!

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      3. Thank you! 6 months between releases isn’t that long of a time. But it doesn’t help that I have all sorts of other ideas floating around. It’s difficult to just focus on one thing, lol.

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