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Fun Christmas Activity Kit: Disney Play Sand

Sand, not what you expect when you think of Christmas, but this year there are a lot of toy kits around where sand is a key theme.  I’m actually surprised with just how many play sand kits are in the shops in the uk this Christmas.  I was given this particular play sand kit  to review by the sellers on amazon uk, but the fun of play sand can be had whichever kit you buy.  Scroll down for my own pictures of this kit.

This is my review for Disney Play Sand Kit by Slammer:

disney sand

This is a lovely play set for anyone into Disney Princess but beware of how little sand you get. The play set comes in a lovely box just slightly larger than A4 in size and with lovely pictures on the outside but the box is misleading and as soon as you pick up the box you’ll realise how little is inside as you hear all the contents drop to one end.
Inside the box you get 3 sand moulds, a plastic box with play sand and some jewels separately in their own bags and cardboard Disney princesses and some companions you can stand up.

disney sand1

I really loved trying out this kit myself as well as giving it to someone younger to play. Many kids these days just don’t get to go to the seaside as much as generations before did, and playing with sand is something which many kids can miss out on, which is why I think kits like this are becoming more and more popular these days.

You get 450g of pink coloured sand. The sand is wet sand that stays wet, a clever product, and can be pressed into moulds and re-pressed and reused again and again which is just great. However 450g of pink sand does not go a long way and I was only able to build one wall, one pyramid and two turrets before I had run out of sand. The pictures on the box are quite misleading, showing an entire castle can be built, but you really can only build a fraction of what is pictured (my last photo gives you an idea of how much sand there is compared to the size of the main box).
disney sand5
Placing one sand sculpture on top of another, like it is shown on the box, is again misleading. I tried to do this again and again and all that happened was that the bottom turret would fall apart under the weight of the sand above. Placing the sand into the moulds and seeing it appear when you tap at the moulds is really fun though. The more you pack the sand in the sturdier the walls and turrets will be. The moulds are all easy to use and can be all done by kids, but the wall mould was the hardest to get the sand out of and it took a lot of tapping from a kitchen spoon before it would come out.

After having all the sand sculptures I could create, it was time to turn this plain pink ‘castle’ into a special Disney castle! You get a set of plastic jewels which look really pretty and you can adorn the castle with them. The box pictures show these jewels attached to the walls of the castle, but this is impossible unless you plan to glue them on. In fact I even tried pressing some into the pyramid but they fell off, so the jewels have to sit on top of the walls rather than the sides.
disney sand6
Finally you have the cardboard cut outs which you pop out yourself, including their stands. I am very impressed that the cardboard is such a good quality one. Slightly glossy finish on the images but very sturdy and can withstand kids playing with them and moving them around. You get four Disney Princesses and four companions. They are: Ariel, Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel, and their companions (sorry, don’t know all their name’s), Flounder, the teapot from beauty and the beast, blue bird I think is from Cinderella and a lizard which I assume is from Tangled?
disney sand7
This really is a lovely play set to get any child who is really into Disney Princess. I know I would have loved to have this set when I was younger. The whole set is so much fun and with all the extras I can see kids having a really fun time playing with all the characters and making their castles look lovely. However I cannot give this 5 stars due to the lack of a decent amount of sand. I have seen non-Disney play sand sets which come with more than double the amount of sand (1kg) and this play set just doesn’t have enough sand to really let kids imagination go wild.

A lovely set that I can recommend but not enough sand for true creativity.

disney sand10

I gave this kit a 4/5.  For more pictures of this kit plus links to amazon uk please click here.

And if anyone knows the names of the blue bird or that lizard from Tangled, please do comment, I haven’t seen Tangled yet and would love to know :).


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