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Austin Macauley’s 12 Days of Christmas Campaign: Free ebooks and chances to win physical books!

Austin Macauley’s 12 Days of Christmas Campaign

Closing Date: 16.00GMT, Tuesday 22nd December

I only just found out about this but if anyone is interested publisher Austin Macauley is running their first ever ’12 Days of Christmas Campaign’.  Every day from 25th December – 5th January those who have signed up will receive a free gift (an ebook) sent to their email.

Those of you on twitter who are signed up will also have the opportunity to win a grand prize of twelve physical books by using the hashtag #AM12Days with a winner announced on the 5th January.

The campaign is open to a global audience so wherever you live you can sign up.  I already have.  I’m not on twitter yet but I’m still excited about the ebooks I’ll get :).

Hurry if you want to participate as the closing date and time to sign up is 4pm/1600 GMT tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd December).  So be quick if you want to get involved!

To sign up just click here!


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