Website Launched!

So, I’m officially launching my website today!  I hope some of you will want to visit, just to take a quick peek and see what it looks like.  Any feedback about the website I’d really appreciate too.

So, I do review a lot of items on happymeerkatreviews, and don’t know if I will blog every single item I review – don’t want to clog anyone’s reader or email with tons of items you may not be interested in..  I thought instead of leaving full reviews of everything, I’d instead give out regular blog entries to update you on new items I’ve reviews – maybe a couple of lines about each item – and give you links if you want to read the full review.  On top of that I’d regularly release my ‘Highlighted Reviews’ which are the ones I’ll give proper blog entries to, things I am more interested/passionate about which at the moment seems to be books but can be anything that catches my eye.  What do you think of that idea?  Good or bad?  Please give me feedback if you can and I can adapt my blog in time to suit what most people feel comfortable with.

Anyway that’s all I have to say about that and with that I’m going to release a new ‘highlighted review’ of a sweet children’s book I’ve recently read…


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