Update: Website almost done!

Hi!  Firstly, thank you for the likes :).  It’s made my day knowing somebody is reading this blog/website:).  Would you believe I’m new to this whole blogging online world so sorry if I’m a bit lost at times.  I’ll try to visit all your sites as soon as I can – I want to:).

Secondly, silly me just realised that I had comments turned off on almost all my pages.  but I welcome all discussions and questions so I’ve gone through the whole site and made comments possible now :).

I’ve also updated the About Me section a bit.  I hope you won’t think any less of me for being a little more honest about myself.  I’m also just working on the menus, got the Beauty section done and all the books except kids colouring books – been fixing a lot of broken links so sorry it is taking so long.  Anyway I am just days away from being properly finished and will be putting my website up on my amazon profile too.

For now, thanks to anyone reading this and I really do hope you like my website :).


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