Update: Ooops – Little later than planned!

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for your patience, I’m still working on getting the last of my reviews up here before creating the content pages with links on them and then launching.

The reason for the delay?  Well, I don’t want to scare anyone with the details but I had a pretty serious problem with one of my eyes, had to go to hospital and been going in and out for a bit as an out patient.  So that’s made me behind with all my reviews, emails and this website!

I’m catching up now though so hope to still launch very soon.

Don’t forget you can always contact me via my email:

You can contact me if you’d like me to review something, to ask a question or even talk about this website (I’d even appreciate some advice if you’ve got some):)!  Of course you can also leave a comment under my reviews too if you like – I will read all of them:).

In the meantime please do check out my reviews via the links in the menus and visit my profile page on amazon for more recent reviews.

Here’s hoping for a launch really soon – fingers crossed!



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